Opportunities to Serve at Twickenham

There are 5 areas/tabs in this survey for which we need people to serve (Child Ministries, Adult Ministries, Outward Focus, Operation and Sunday Ministries). Please review all tabs and select those areas where you would like to serve. You can check as many areas as you would like. You may click the gray Next and Previous buttons to move from tab to tab.

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Children's Ministry

POC: Amy Smith

The Twickenham Children's Ministry exists to supplement the family in their attempt to lay down a spiritual foundation that, in God's timing, will lead a child into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. For those working within TCM, you are required to read our Child Protection Policy, sign a compliance form and submit information for a background check.

Nursery I (1-12 months) Nursery II (12-24months) Nursery III (24-36 months)

Preschool (2, 3, 4 year-olds)

Elementary (K - 5th)

Children's Ministry (Varied)

Youth Ministry (TYM)

POC: Caleb and Ashley Gendron

The Twickenham Youth Ministry exists for teenagers 6th through 12th grades in order that they may experience and grow deeper in their life relationships. The relationships we desire for them to strengthen are those with God, with each other, with their families,

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Adult & Family Ministry

POC: Steve Crigger

There are many opportunities to serve this church family in our classes, during worship times or in small groups.

Adult Classes

Our Sunday morning classes meet from 9:00-9:45 am and are called Journey Groups. These groups provide not only a place for study, but also an environment where you can use your gifts and serve others. Within the Journey Groups, there are opportunities for people to help with outreach, connection and care. Additionally, Wednesday night studies are provided for those needing a mid-week boost. Most sessions run 8-12 weeks. We are always looking for those willing to teach within the context of either the Sunday morning Journey Groups or Wednesday night classes.

Small Groups

The purpose of small groups at Twickenham is to build and strengthen relationships. We are called to “love one another” and one of the ways that exemplifies itself at Twickenham is through our small groups as we live in authentic community as Christ’s body. The Small Groups provide an atmosphere where people of similar interests can grow together in their relationship with God and with each other. Within these groups one can find encouragement, accountability, spiritual growth, fun, friends and fulfillment. We strongly encourage each member to find a group that you can be a part of and experience “Life in Community” to its fullest. We are looking for members willing to either host or lead those groups.

Guest Services
POC: Doris Elkins

Our greeters welcome people entering and leaving our facility. If you are available to greet with a smile on Sundays or serve at special events, we need your help.

Men's Ministry

POC: Jay Dryden

Our Men's Ministry seeks to help men develop a solid foundation in their relationship to God, be loving husbands & faithful fathers, connect with brothers & develop manly relationships, and grow as Christian leaders.

Women's Ministry

POC: Ada Handley

The Women's Ministry at Twickenham is titled "L.I.F.T." -- Living In Faith Together. Our hope is to create a space to deepen relationships and be engaged in each other's lives, while encouraging each other in our walk with the Lord. Our ages range from 20's to 90's and we LOVE it that way. Multi-generational involvement is what makes us thrive.

Baby Showers
POC: Amy Smeal

We always need help with Baby Showers to celebrate new birth.

Wedding Showers
POC Shannan Bridges

We can use help with bridal showers to celebrate marriage.


POC: Shannan Bridges

The Fellowship group helps with meals in times of need, coordinates church-wide meals and special events, and leads the effort for our Dinner and Devo series during the summer. Volunteers are needed to set up, clean up, cook, decorate and take on other tasks associated with these events.

Feed the Need
POC: Melanie Balch

Feed the Need is a Twickenham ministry that serves to provide meals to family and friends in need - whether it be a new birth, a medical burden, a death in the family or just a financial struggle.

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Domestic Missions / Benevolence

POC: Steve Clark

It is our aim to share the love and good news of Jesus Christ with our neighbors in both word and deed. We believe this is accomplished best through holistic methods that take into account every aspect of our human life (spiritual, relational, as well as physical).

Second Harvest
POC: Mike Vinson

Each year prior to Thanksgiving, our church family comes together to share a pancake breakfast with neighbors in need. We share prayer and encouragement as well as groceries to prepare their own Thanksgiving meal with their family.

His Way
POC: Scott Martin

His Way (formerly ‘The Way’) is a residential recovery program for men struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. There are volunteer opportunities to teach, mentor and help with special events.

Meals on Wheels
POC: Cindy Thomason

Deliver a meal, prayer, conversation and a smile to brighten the day of senior citizens who are unable to cook for themselves and are primarily homebound. MOW is a once a month opportunity with meals delivered Monday thru Friday. This is an ideal ministry to take your children or a co-worker or friend along with you!

Widow Lawn Care (CASA)
POC:Tracy Pollard

Through collaboration with CASA, widows are assisted with small home repairs and lawn care. This ministry helps these widows maintain their independence and reminds them of God’s commitment to care for them through His people. These ladies are so grateful for the service they receive, but especially for the prayers and the smiles. Lawn mowers and supplies are furnished, and you have the flexibility to mow either after work one afternoon or on the weekend at your convenience.

Disaster Response
POC: David Maurel

A partnership with multiple churches in Madison County that provides disaster relief following tornadoes, hurricanes and flooding. Tasks include tree and debris removal, roof and window tarping, flood cleanup, prayer and support to victims. Training is required.

Huntsville Inner City Learning Center
POC: Susan Callaway

TThe HICLC is a Christian-based non-profit organization in which we are honored to partner. They provide an after-school program for children in under-resourced schools. Volunteer opportunities include providing a meal or healthy snack, tutoring, gardening, exercise buddy, and Bible study.

HICLC Summer Camp
POC: Lauribeth White

Each year, during June and July, the Huntsville Inner City Learning Center sponsors a camp for kids that are a part of their ministry There are many areas where volunteers are need for this two-month period.

Jobs for Life
POC: Ken Smith

Jobs for Life (JFL) is a Christian-based program designed to help men and women develop the character, confidence and core work readiness skills to prepare them for work and life. This is a 16-session course which may be taught in an 8 week time frame (two classes per week) or a 16 week time frame (one class per week). There are many opportunities to help within this ministry area.

Community Service
POC: Jeanne Wearly

These are other opportunities to serve in our local community.

First Stop is a Local Homeless Day Center.

Foreign Missions

POC: Steve Owens

In 2003, Twickenham opened the Hacienda of Hope to provide a home for the abandoned children of Ecuador. We envision serving hundreds of children who would have otherwise lived in the streets and to witness them being transformed by God’s love, then seeing them experience the sense of worth that comes from a good education. God’s call to serve the children of the region led us to the establishment of the School of Hope. This bilingual school quickly developed a reputation in the region for excellence.

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POC: Kevin Horton



Weekly testing of water balance; Semiannual cleaning and filter replacement.
Minor repairs and maintenance (sheetrock, flooring, etc.).
Check and replace bulbs as necessary.
Minor electrical repairs including replacing ballast and light fixtures.
Minor painting jobs.
Minor plumbing repairs (toilets, faucets, etc.).
Flower beds, outdoor cleaning, etc.
General maintenance for church owned vehicles - wash, fuel, facilitate oil changes, etc.

For the next three areas, if you check the box, a field will appear where you can add the detail.

Special Construction
POC: Walton Harless

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Assembly Management

POC: Alan Segrest or Rob Segrest

There are opportunities to serve during our assembly times.

Worship Ministry

POC: Lincoln Smith

Several ministries fall within our Worship Ministry. We can use volunteers working behind the scenes on Sunday to operate sound and lighting, help with internet operations, and facilitate media activities. We also need people interested in drama for activities within worship or in our Christmas plays every other year.

POC: Mike Thomason

Activities that support our worship times and special events.

POC: Steve Crigger

Take photos of activities related to our worship times and special events.

POC: Walton Harless

Every other year, we present a drama surrounding the Christmas season.

POC: Mike Shell

Activities that support our worship times and special events.

CD-DVD Duplication
POC: Art Davis

Activities that support our worship times and special events.

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