The Gospel of Luke:

The Gospel of Luke was written to give Christians certainty. That alone makes it a priceless part of Scripture, and a must read for you and me. Join one of our Journey Groups for a study through this Gospel starting July 1st and continuing through September. In October through December, we will take a look at Luke's sequel to Luke, the Book of Acts.

Young Marrieds/Families - S 201/202 - Dan Beasley/Daniel Kaufmann
Spiritually Single - S 204 - Walton Harless
Sonlight - S 205 - Glen Laird/James Miller
Friendship - S 206 - Todd White
Fellowship Hall - Stuart Whiting

Jesus' Ministry, Crucifixion, and Resurrection:

As a man, Jesus - the Son of God - lived among His creation, among the works of His hands. Imagine the God of creation walking around and talking with the people he made. This is the Gospel message in scripture. It's the proclamation of Jesus' perfect life, His death in our place, and His resurrection - making Jesus the only qualified Savior for sinners. This is why Jesus came to live among us, bringing God's kingdom to earth.

Young Adults - S203 - Jon Perry/ Steve Crigger

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