Men's Trout Fishing Trip

09.13.2018 - 09.16.2018


The 9th annual Men's Trout Fishing Trip is scheduled for September 13-16. We plan to leave at noon on September 13th for Heber Springs, AR and return at 5:00pm September 16th. Cost is approximately $250 per person. No trout fishing experience necessary. We wade, canoe, and/or boat fish using spinning tackle and the simple but effective Trout Magnet lure. If you have no equipment, that's okay, we have plenty you can borrow. Contact Robin Bridges at 256-361-7678 or via email with any questions or to reserve your spot today! $100 deposit is required by September 9th.

Why Our Members Chose Twickenham

This church is a positive, progressive body of believers who accept the normal diversity which exists in any church without trying to force some conformity and/or uniformity of belief or practices based on tradition, opinions, and preferences. Sadly, that is not the norm and thus you may be viewed as "different" by other churches or believers. I view such a difference as a great positive.

The diversity of thought that allows for tolerance of opinion with agreement on the basics of the gospel. The number of missions-minded individuals that are in involved in both foreign and domestic/local ministries.

This church has a large number of very talented members who appear to be highly involved and connected to all aspects of the church body. This church is at a prime location with many talented members and great opportunity to serve this community and beyond.

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