A Politician, Producer & an Actor Walk Into a Church

Let’s perform a thought experiment. It’s a Sunday morning a year from now. You arrive early and park in your regular spot at the church – a good distance from the entrance so as to leave the closer spaces for your older members and guests – and make your way across the parking lot to the doors.

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We Are Not Afraid

What’s the opposite of fear? Courage? It is an excellent candidate, but it’s not the answer. Mark Twain said “Courage is resistance to fear . . . not absence of fear.” Ask any hero, “Were you afraid when you charged into that burning building . . . . when you ran toward the sound of the gunfire .

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Honey, I Shrunk the Bible

Kids who grew up hearing Bible stories, and even many who did not, are familiar with Daniel and the den of lions (Daniel 6). A rabble of conspirators, threatened by Daniel’s rising influence, failed to find any corruption or negligence in his service. He made Teflon look like the sticky side of Duct Tape.

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Pilgrims Don’t Sprint

Pilgrim’s Rest is a one-bedroom cabin nestled in a wood, at the end of a long gravel drive that turns off a two-lane country road just outside the wee mountain-top town of Pisgah, Alabama. There is a single grocery store here, Lucky’s Supermarket, a gas station, town hall and a school. A few yards west of the cabin, a little brook tumbles down the mountain and eventually empties into a larger stream.

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Can Harvey Find Forgiveness?

You can elude consequences for only so long. Eventually, like a cheetah chasing a gazelle, they catch up, swat you down and grab you by the throat. Moses told the tribesmen of Gad and Reuben in Numbers 32, “. . . be sure your sins will find you out.” Paul cautioned the Galatians, “you reap what you sow.

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Look for the Helper

Last Sunday, in response to the Burnette Chapel Church shooting, we began our service with Mercy Me’s video, Even If. Then we prayed this prayer:

Holy Father,

We come to you in the name of your Son, the Worthy One, the One who was slain and by whose blood we have been purchased – not by a righteousness we have earned, but in the name of Jesus Christ.

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Is God Punishing Me?

Someone near Houston, TX is wondering. So, too, someone along the Florida coast or on one of the Caribbean islands. Is God punishing me? Us? Is that why Harvey poured 14 trillion gallons of water on Houston? Did Irma wreak her havoc to punish south Florida sins?

But it’s not just violent weather victims who wonder.

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And Then I Cried

We had plenty of time to say goodbye to my father. And he to us. Like a roller coaster reaching the apex of its climb, his life began to slow up some years ago. Then, in the last twelve months, he spiraled down, the decline accelerating with each passing day, hour, even minute.

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That Forsaken Feeling

For centuries, Christians have pondered the words of Jesus, and none more so than the seven sayings he spoke from the cross. John includes three of the seven.

To his mother: “Dear woman, here is your son.” And to John, “Here is your mother.”

The second saying is one everyone can identify with: “I am thirsty.

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Little is Much if God is in It

Then he went up on a mountainside and sat down. That’s how Matthew (15:29) begins the story of Jesus feeding the 4,000. It happened on a mountain. And immediately we remember how significant that setting is.

A mountain provided a safe landing for Noah’s ark.

The 10 Commandments were dictated on a mountain.

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Encouragement for Caregivers

More years than not, my mom has been a caregiver to someone. She began caring for children at the age of 26. I was the first, but there were four others and one of them was developmentally disabled. Though I never heard her complain about it, caring for our sister Jean was like having a baby in the house for forty-three years.

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His Leprous Bride

A friend once stopped by my office and handed me a bumper sticker that promoted a local Christian organization with which he was affiliated. “Here,” he said, “put one of these on your car.” I’m not a big bumper sticker kind of guy. Never have been. If you want to wallpaper the rear end of your car with a bunch of plucky witticisms that over simplify complex issues, who am I to judge? But it is a profoundly bad idea to plaster the name of your Christian organization on the bumpers of cars that are going to be piloted by people who drive like the Devil.

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What’s in Your Treasure Chest?

Jesus said, “For where your treasure is there your heart will be also,” (Mt. 6:21). In the Bible, the heart is the control center for the emotions, the will, the intellect of a human being. Your heart is the place where you feel joy, sorrow, fear, courage and every other emotion. It is the place where we decide, where our choices are made.

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Why Our Members Chose Twickenham

First visit several years ago was confusing. First visit this summer, I was impressed with the service and the friendliness of the people. I was impressed with the focus on community. The openness, the understanding that the church is part of the world and local community.

I have always felt loved here. No one has ever judged me or made me feel less during any of my trials.

I consider the hearts of the people at Twickenham to be one of the greatest strengths. I have seen people quietly serve in so many ways and walk out life together. I also believe that the resources of the congregation can be a huge strength. Together, there is such a huge opportunity for ministry.

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