UPDATE: Photos added to the end of this post on 9/14/17

We are working in Bayside TX east of Corpus Christi where the eye of the hurricane hit. It's a town of 300 in a low income area.  The man in the picture above is Jimmy who had his roof blown off enabling the rain to fall in and flood his home. He's been working with us all day in the heat even though he's 71 years old. His wife Joy is in bad health but she came out briefly to help sort through damaged belongings. The home had to be completely gutted and tarped to save it.

The lady in the picture at top right is Lillian who is also in her 70s and lives next to Jimmie and Joy.   She's a widow who struggles with COPD, anxiety disorder, and no local relatives.  She has no insurance and the front of her small home had roof and flood damage. The picture of Lindsey Clarke (bottom right) is in her house showing the ceiling that caved in.  

We don't normally rebuild during Disaster Relief trips but Lillian was living in an unhealthy home with nowhere to go. Lindsey is a talented contractor so after cleaning out the home he has almost completed repairing it including new insulation, drywall, and lighting.  Doug Herring also helped repair her fence and fixed some tree damage. Lillian is a sweet lady and extremely grateful for the help. She said today that we have given her peace.

The picture of Doug (below, the first image at the end of this post) is at another neighbors home who had tree damage.

We have not seen any other disaster relief organizations or the Red Cross in this town. Houston has received most of the media coverage so these less populated areas are in desperate need of help.

We brought $5000 dollars in Home Depot Gift cards primarily funded by Twickenham and are distributing them to the people in need. We really appreciate the spirit of giving at Twickenham and I've received comments from PAR members at other Churches who are amazed at how much we gave in our special contribution.

Please keep us in your prayers for a safe trip and travel home and for the next group of PAR volunteers heading out this weekend.


Why Our Members Chose Twickenham

Our first Sunday back – relief, gratitude and being able to be part of such an uplifting assembly and worship again. We feel like this church is our family.

Uplifting! I loved the energy of the service – the singing – just a great “vibe”.

We appreciate the ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship) classes we have been in. I love The Spring!

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