Recently, I was playing a round of golf with one of our founding members when he said something about aging that really struck me: “When you get as old as I am, you are tempted to just become a couch potato. But we can’t do that. We have to keep moving, even when we don’t feel like it.” 

I realized that it takes as much commitment – maybe even more – for an older person to get up and get out of the house as it does for a younger person to do one more rep in the gym. 

Human beings aren’t the only ones who struggle with aging issues. So do churches. One of the common traits among new churches is an extremely high level of commitment from its members. New churches tend to hold high expectations for members and the members tend to rise to those expectations. That’s one of the reasons they often grow quickly. 

The longer it has been around, however, the more commitment it takes for a church to keep moving. Like people, churches can become pew potatoes. But, as my golfing buddy put it, “we can’t do that. We have to keep moving.” 

So in January, we are moving the commitment meter to a higher setting. The details are covered in the next article – Introducing Journey Groups.  Before you skip ahead and read that, however, there are three things we need to know about commitment.

First, commitment is a group project. Paul said in Ephesians 3:16, the body builds itself up in love as each part does its work. We can’t just E-mail everyone a seven step strategy you can work on at home by yourself. We have to do this together.

Second, commitment has to be realistic about time. Everyone is busy. I’m not about to tell you that we can increase our commitment without adding a single second to our schedules, but we have to be honest about the fact that most of us already have more on our plates than we can manage. 

Third, commitment is hard. It is hard because it requires movement and change and choices. Commitment will require more from all of us. But if all of us dial up our devotion, the blessings will make the sacrifices seem small.

Introducing Journey Groups

Getting Involved Through Journey Groups

When the Journey Gets Tough

Why Our Members Chose Twickenham

Although we were coming from a more conservative background, we quickly noticed that there was an openness and sense of welcoming that made us feel very at ease. We embrace fully what seems to be an environment of healing for the broken. We believe in moving from maintenance to mission. We have been impressed by the engaged nature of the shepherds, staff and membership.

I want to learn more about God’s Word and hold Him close in my heart. Twickenham seems to be able to guide me by offering similar perspectives to which I can relate as well as unique views that open my mind.

I was very impressed with the love, compassion and how sincere the worship is.

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