Thank you for visiting our web site. We hope to meet you in person soon. Usually, folks want to get an idea about what to expect before they visit. We know how awkward it can be to walk into a new place, so we hope this page will help eliminate some of the weird for you. 

Sunday Mornings

We meet at 9:00 am on Sunday mornings for Bible study. The children’s classes are fun, well-staffed, and secure. Our teen classes are challenging, welcoming and pretty much the white-water ride you’d expect when a group of teenagers get together. The teen center is undergoing renovation soon and should be finished by Fall, 2016. 


There are several adult classes from which to choose. These are typically grouped according to stage of life. All are led by capable teachers and none will expect you to speak up unless you want to. Coffee and light refreshments are usually available. 


  • Praise and Worship - At 10:00 am, we gather in the auditorium for worship. You’ll probably notice that we sing a cappella – without musical instruments. We don’t have anything against them – it’s just one of our traditions. When you walk in the door, you’re in the “band.” So if you want to join in, go ahead. Lots of our members make what we lovingly refer to as a “joyful noise.”
  • Communion/Lord’s Supper - Every Sunday, we share in a rite called the Lord’s Supper or Communion. It’s a simple ceremony involving bread and wine and is intended to remind us of Jesus’ sacrifice. You are welcome to participate.
  • Message/Sermon - You’ll hear scripture, prayers and a message.
  • Offering - We’ll also take up a collection. Again, you’re welcome to give, but it’s not expected.
  • Childcare - There is an attended nursery during the worship hour, but your children are welcome to stay with you.

We’re usually done by 11:15 am. 

Why Our Members Chose Twickenham

God is doing great things here and we want to be included. So many opportunities to be of service or just get together to get to know and love the people who are already members. We can’t wait to grow roots here.

We came for the children’s program, but we are already in love with the adult classes and the people.

It’s a church family we’d like to invite our neighbors to attend. Its members help and share with those in need.

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